Hi, I’m Emily Nicolosi.  I was born in a suburb of New York City in 1987.   I lived there until 18, when I moved to Burlington, Vermont to do my undergraduate work at the University of Vermont.  At 22, I decided to take  a “year-long” hiatus as a ski bum in Salt Lake City, Utah, from which I have yet to return.

After four years of “living the dream” as a ski instructor at Alta Ski Area, I hadn’t yet had enough powder, but was itching with a desire to study climate change.  I found a great program in the Geography Department at the University of Utah, where I’m currently a graduate student studying climate change mitigation and environmental movements, and still spend my happiest days in the mountains.

I am very obsessive with my interests, and I probably have too many of them.   I am often: doggedly digging in my front-yard garden, splattering paint all over myself (and some on canvas too), nose-distance from a book, careening down the rocky Wasatch mountains on my bike, getting salty on a sailboat, and/or trying to understand the meaning of the universe.  42?

–  Emily